Dr. Rittman is the Director and Chief Technology Officer of GOPH. He is a software architect and an integrated circuit technology expert; he is also a semiconductor designer with over 20 years of experience with leading global tech companies including Intel, DEC, IBM, and Qualcomm.  Dr. Rittman has worked on many prestigious integrated circuits projects (Intel’s Pentium Pro, DEC’s Alpha chip, and others), and was the founder and CTO of BindKey Technologies, an EDA corporation that was acquired by DuPont Photo masks.  Dr. Rittman is a key figure in the EDA (electronic design automation) arena and has led numerous global software and hardware teams in the field.  Currently, he serves also as a Senior Integrated Circuit Consultant for Qualcomm/Max Linear; prior to GOPH, he was the Founder and CTO of Micrologic Design Automation.  Dr. Rittman’s early career was spent as a Software Senior Consultant at IBM, after having founded Bindkey Technologies.  He received his PhD and MSc in Computer Science from La Salle University.


Mr. Mansour combines his experience with big-box retailers, social media, and crowdfunding, which provides GOPH a competitive edge in sales and marketing. Mr. Mansour has developed and marketed numerous consumer websites including EagleRider and Leisurelink. Additionally, he built distribution and marketing systems for Expedia, Orbitz, Saber, Amadeus and Hotels.com.  Having studied Economics at the HS Wuppertal, Mr. Mansour also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany